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Wish Holiday - Soy Vegepure - Poured Square Glass

Wish Holiday - Soy Vegepure - Poured Square Glass

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$ 16.50

Peppermint & Vanilla
Color – Snowflake White

Enjoy the NEW packaging for Holiday 2012!
Loved for its calming and familiar warm aroma, Vanilla is the under-note mixed with the refreshing and stimulating Peppermint.

Soy Vegepure is a blend of soy and vegetable waxes. This vegetable blend burns more evenly than a “soy only” wax. It is also a different “burn” than a paraffin candle and may occasionally drip. With extra care and attention to how the candle is burning, as well as trimming the wick prior to relighting, you can experience a high quality and clean burning candle.

Approximate burn time is 45 hours.

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