Hugs & Kisses - Purple Rose Large Tin

Hugs & Kisses - Purple Rose Large Tin

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Hugs & Kisses - Purple Rose Large Tin

Aroma: Lavender Rose

Enjoy this handcrafted custom mold flower. Makes a wonderful gift for Mother's day and your Spring/Summer time gatherings. Made from 100% Soy VegePure® wax and Pure Natural Essential Oils from around the world.

Now you can write a mesage for that special person right on the tin (works well with a permanent marker)! This 6.5oz tin  are desgined with a unique space for your admirable note. Includes a clear tin top for you to view the custom flower.

Soy VegePure® is our handcrafted eco-friendly vegetable wax made with oil of soybeans that is completely renewable, sustainable and supports American farmers.

With 40 hours of burn time, the quality of your burn will melt clean, cool is longer lasting.

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