Hope - Candles for a Cause - Soy Vegepure Large Tin

Hope - Candles for a Cause - Soy Vegepure Large Tin

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$ 13.00
Vanilla & Rose
Color – Romantic Pink

Let’s do our part to help find a cure for breast cancer! With our candles for a cause program, a portion of the profits are donated to selected charities. Visit http://www.aromanaturals.com/hope for more information.

Hope exudes calming Vanilla mixed with Rose that enhances feelings of well-being and happiness. Together they are comforting and soothing.

Our soy wax tins provide instant aromatherapy anywhere you go. Perfect for traveling or to take to the office. Discover how essential oil aromas from plants help to revitalize stale surroundings and create home comfort away from home.

Soy Vegepure is a blend of soy and vegetable waxes. This vegetable blend burns more evenly than a “soy only” wax. It is also a different “burn” than a paraffin candle and may occasionally drip. With extra care and attention to how the candle is burning, as well as trimming the wick prior to relighting, you can experience a high quality and clean burning candle.

Approximate burn time is 40 hours.

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