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Aromas: Lily, Azalea & Lily of the Valley

May 21st - June 20th

Element: Air | Stone: Agate | Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini Symbol: The Twins. The sign of the Twins is symbolised by two upright ‘I’’s, rather like the Roman numeral II.  Gemini is a dual sign, traditionally representing all forms of duality – such as light and dark, positive and negative, quiet and talkative. Traditionally, the Geminian character is versatile and communicative but prone to rapid changes of mood and fluctuating energy levels. Those close to Geminis often feel as though they are living or working with at least two different people.


Astrology illuminates the far corners of humanity by providing a key to understanding ourselves the world we live in. Our natural candles will illuminate your life and provide you with unique zodiac information for your sign. From the aroma to the choice in color, each candle is specially crafted and creatively styled for each of the indivdual signs of zodiac. Original hand drawn sign includes a scroll of 8 key points that will light your zodiac knowledge and create an unforgettable gift. 

Soy VegePure® with Pure Plant Aromas. 

Glass Size: 2.75" x 3.25"

Approximate burn time is 35 hours.

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