Pisces Zodiac Candle

Aromas: Orchid, Lilac, Wisteria, Water Lily, Poppy & Pansy

February 19th - March 20th

Element: Water | Stone: Amethyst | Ruling Planet: Neptune

Astrology illuminates the far corners of humanity by providing a key to understanding ourselves the world we live in. Our natural candles will illuminate your life and provide you with unique zodiac information for your sign. From the aroma to the choice in color, each candle is specially crafted and creatively styled for each of the individual signs of zodiac. Original hand drawn sign includes a scroll of 8 key points that will light your zodiac knowledge and create an unforgettable gift. 

Makes a GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT! Use coupon code 20OFFZODIAC until March 20th to get 20% OFF this pillar candle for all of the Pisces in your life.

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