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Pop Goes The 4th

4th of July Custom Mosaic Candles Holidays Pillar Candles Summer Candles

Celebrate the Fourth of July this year with our red, white & blue custom mosaic pillar candle. Our custom giant pillars are handmade with an assortment of our most popular aromas. They emit a symphony of fragrance notes as the individual layers burn. This pillar candle emits our popular classic aromas Peace Ruby, Meditation & Spirit. Available in three sizes. Shown left is our 5 x 12 3 wick candle with an approximate burn time of 250 hours.

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Keep Bugs Away The Natural Way This Summer

Citronella Candles Citronella Plus Outdoor Candles Summer Candles

Summer time is filled with outdoor entertainment including cookouts, drive-in movies, and sporting events. Keep the bugs away the natural way with our all-natural Citronella Plus handcrafted candles with the essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, mixed mints and tea tree. The mix of essential oils keeps the bothersome mosquitoes and other flying insects away.These candles are all natural Soy VegePure, handcrafted & meant for outdoors only. Browse the entire collection. Tweet

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