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Ease Active Lifestyle Pain This Winter

Sports Comfort Gel The Wave Therapeutic Sports Creme

Aroma Naturals® New Therapeutic Sports Comfort Gelée delivers Cool, Soothing, Natural comfort. For minor muscles aches, strains and pains. Our Pure & Natural formula is pulsating and multi-tasking with botanticals Tea Tree, Boswellia, Red Tea, Nettle, Ginger, White Willow Bark and Essential Oils. Directions: Massage a small amount into area of discomfort and gently massage until Gelée disappears. Use only as directed. Repeat as necessary, but no more than 3 times daily. For day and night comfort. Consult a physician for children under 12 years of age, or if discomfort continues. Use discount code "20OFFTHEWAVE" to receive 20% off Wave...

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