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Have you shopped our Best Sellers yet? From our naturally blended pillar candles to detox it air purifier sprays, there are some great gifts ideas that are popular with everyone. To view our Best Sellers, click here. Enjoy 20% OFF until December 31st with coupon code "20OFFBESTSELLERS" at checkout when you purchase one of the items on the list.

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Holiday Mosaic Pillar Candles

Custom Mosaic Candles Holiday Candles

Get into the holiday spirit with our custom mosaic pillar candles for Christmas & Hanukkah. Our custom giant pillar candles are handmade with an assortment of our most popular aromas They emit a symphony of fragrance notes as the individual burn. Approximate burn time is 250 hours.Receive 20% OFF at checkout with discount code "20OFFMOSAIC" until December 31st. Free shipping on orders over $40.

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The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

All Natural Personal Care Hi-Vitamin Cremes Hi-Vitamin Lotions Holiday Gifts

Our Hi-Vitamin Cremes & lotions are a great gift idea this holiday season. Feel and see less irritated skin in just 48 hours with our all natural and paraben free formula. Our super rich multi-beneficial cremes and lotions deliver long lasting moisture to help sooth inflammatory and irritated skin. Fortified with coconut water, aloe vera gel and chamomile tea for rapid hydration. Free shipping on orders over $40! Available in a variety of scents. View the entire collection.

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Give The Gift Of Astrology

Glass Jar Candles Scorpio Birthdays Zodiac Candles

Astrology illuminates the far corners of humanity by providing a key to understanding ourselves the world we live in. Our natural candles will illuminate your life and provide you with unique zodiac information for your sign. From the aroma to the choice in color, each candle is specially crafted and creatively styled for each of the individual signs of zodiac. Original hand drawn sign includes a scroll of 8 key points that will light your zodiac knowledge and create an unforgettable gift.  The Scorpion and The Eagle.  The ‘M’ like glyph with an arrowed tail is said to represent the...

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Home For The Holidays

With Halloween past and the holiday season upon us, get into the spirit and start your shopping early this year with our perfect holiday votive gift set. Warm Spice: sweet uplifting Orange, revitalizing Clove, and spicy Cinnamon fill the home with comfort and warmth. Cool Wish: Peppermint revives and lifts the spirits while Vanilla is comforting and enticing. Fresh Forest: Brighten your holidays with invigorating Juniper, Spruce and Basil. Experience the natural aroma of a fresh cut Christmas tree.

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