Halloween Inspired Pillar Candles

Get your last minute Halloween inspired pillar candles! From a a melted witch to a stack of a pumpkins and a spooktacular ghost, each candle boasts a different seasonal scent. Available in small or large.

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Halloween Custom Mosaic Pillar Candle

Custom Mosaic Candles Halloween Pillar Candles

Our custom Halloween mosaic pillar candle is a great addition to your holiday decor! Emitting our classic aromas of Earth, Clarity and Meditation with a black, orange and white mosaic color scheme for a spooktacular Halloween design.Approximate burn time is 250 hours.

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Silk Screened Pumpkin Pillar Candles

Halloween Candles Pillar Candles Pumpkin Candles Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles Silk Screen Candles

Who's ready for Halloween? We are ready to embrace this holiday season with our festive, silk screened, pumpkin candle. The delicious smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air.

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Detox-It Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers Detox-It Sprays Travel Tin Candles

When confronted with heavy odors, pets, musty or smoke filled rooms from cigarette, cigar or medical choices, our blend of Beeswax with Essential Oils and all Natural Plant Aromas make a Big difference - Fast!You may have experienced the power of negative ions when you last set foot on the beach, walked beneath a waterfall, or drove your car away after being washed. While part of the euphoria is simply being around these wondrous settings and away from the normal pressures of home and work, the air circulating in the mountains, the beach, and even at the car wash is...

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Featured Product - Mental Focus Apothecary Candle

Apothecary Candle Jars Aromatherapy Candles Energy Booster Featured Product Mental Focus

Smile more & feel better with our new all natural & organic wax, essential oil candles.We're proud to have offered pure essential oils for a healthy body, mind & spirit for over 27 years. Our Mental Focus & Energy Booster Apothecary Candle Jar boasts a mix of Bergamot, Melissa, Lime & Global Mints.100% Natural Handcrafted Apothecary Candle for your Health and Well-Being.View more from our Apothecary Candle Collection.

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